Ivan not terrible, says SweetScienceN5

Hi Myles,

I am not angry at Ivan.

Friends of his are a hedge fund who own AC Milan, a club who need sorting out.
Ivan received a lucrative offer from them, and he acted ethically by informing the Arsenal board.
He has covered his back.

Players and managers receive offers all the time from rival clubs.
Ivan has done nothing wrong to receive an offer.

He has wisely bought himself a bit of time to consider.

He will be pondering whether it was his job to ease out Wenger and set up the new structure, or whether that job includes staying around to see the structure is sound and functioning well.

What should he do?

I think he should stay at Arsenal for two seasons to help the new structure settle in.
It will show an integrity of duty.

What will he do?

My guess is he stays until the end of this season, then goes to Milan.

The very fact that the offer has been made public hints he is preparing his own exit from Arsenal.

Here’s to the new season!