I’ve stopped caring what happens to Arsenal with Wenger in charge

From Josh Holmes:

My first email in a while. I hope you’re well, Myles.

There can’t be many left in the AKB camp now, and you called his decline at least a decade ago. i

I love Arsenal but I’ve stopped caring about what happens to Arsenal with Wenger in charge.

I didn’t care about being thrashed by Liverpool, which was inevitable.

I would rather Alexis goes and no one comes in because I hold onto some faint hope that wenger will be sacked and there’ll be more money in the coffers for our next manager.

No point in signing Lemar, or anyone, as Wenger will ruin them.

Can someone write to David Dein, do you know him?

He is Wenger’s friend and perhaps the only person who could talk sense to Wenger?

Arsenal FC needs saving. 

The longer things stay like this, the more damaging for the future of the club it’ll be.

Myles says:

Yes…this is a very harrowing period for people who love Arsenal.

I could write to DD, as I have his email.

But a friend talks to David, so I know where he’s at.

The core issue : Arsenal needs a new owner.