Jack Bruce/Cream mailbag

From Mohsin.

Hello Myles,

Nice piece about Jack Bruce.

I absolutelely loved “Songs for a Tailor”, more than the Cream stuff actually.

As for the man himself, I always felt it was a bit of a shame that his clear bitterness towards Led Zeppelin and Jimmy Page in particular was made so public.

I understand where it was coming from, but every time Jack spoke about Zep (invariably negative) I always though “Just shut up!!, you don’t need to go there!!, you’re making yourself look small!”

Still, that’s a human failing.

Above all, he was an absolutely fantastic musician.

I think Roger Waters said, “Perhaps the most musically gifted bass player ever.”

Myles says:

According to The Guardian’s obit, Roger Waters described Jack Bruce as “the most musically gifted bass player there’s ever been.”

From Noel Brilly : Wow!

Myles –

Fabulous piece on Cream.

Keep up the good work, love the mixture of music and football.

From Andy Renno : Cream

Enjoy your knowledge on music.

Perhaps you should consider a blog about this subject.

Myles says:

Steady on, Andy.

I’m an author who already blogs far too much.

I said what I had to say about football in  The Professor and My Four World Cups.

When I publish my rock memoir in 2015 I’ll summarise everything I know about rock groups and singers and the fun I had with them.

And chuck in some social history as well.

P.S. This sad acoustic lullaby was posted by Eric Clapton: For Jack

29th October 2014