Jaggar-Budgen correspondence can only continue privately after today!

From Rhys Jaggar:

Michael Budgen is the half-wit.

1) Where did I say that what Wenger said might not happen?

I said his diplomacy skills were, for someone calling himself humane, rather lacking in etiquette.

2) I do not read The Guardian, Mr Budgen – your deductive reasoning is fallacious.

The internet is broader than that neocon takeover of a once-liberal left-leaning Manchester-based newspaper.

3) I am more than aware of what football is, Mr Budgen. I stopped paying £3000 per annum in 2011. Have you?

4) I am more than aware of the dynamics at play in Europe, Mr Budgen. I ask whether the fans, who invest in ways Kroenke et al never have, should have a say. Is it beyond you to understand that?

5) I have been at the forefront of highlighting fuck the fans policies for a decade, notably 5.30pm kick-offs for FA Cup Fnals featuring northern clubs.

I lived in Scotland for six years and the North of England for 11. Have you ever resided outside London (a question showing defective logic to show you how your statements are defective)?

6) You sound like an American telling the world it is American hegemony or else. If you have eyes and ears, you may be becoming aware that the foundations of American rule are crumbling as we speak….

I am neither a half-wit, nor an idiot.
But I am aware earlier than 99% of populations the way things tend to pan out.

Just because I suggest Arsene Wenger is a self-serving egotist whose love of the EPL lasted not one minute longer than his employment within it does not make me a half-wit.

It says merely I find him impolite and two-faced.