Jason Burt slaughters Ivan Gazidis on The Sunday Supplement

The programme is hosted by Neil Ashton of The Sun.

This week’s guests were Matt Dickinson ( Chief Sportswriter for The Times), Jason Burt (Chief Football Correspondent of The Daily Telegraph) and German journalist & author Raphael Honigstein (Der Spiegel and ESPN).

Burt said, “I think 37 or 38 people left Arsenal in the summer. There was a huge change around in staff, backroom staff. You  want a continuity in Chief Executive. The manager has gone, you’ve been there for a decade, you’ve probably been waiting for this moment. Surely, to implement your plan, and put your people in place and get the club structure the way you really, really wanted to.”

Matt Dickinson said, “The fact that David Gill left at the same time as Alex Ferguson did at Manchester United -”

Burt was insistent and seemed indignant, even angry.

He said, “He can’t go. He’s got to stay.”

Rapha disagreed: “His work is done now.”

Burt: “Not really. It has to have continuity for a couple of seasons. He has to say: Unfortunately I have to turn this down. It might be a much more lucrative offer. You can’t go. You’ve got to stay. You owe it to the club you’re working for to provide that continuity. Some people might say I’m over-reacting, it’s only one guy.

“But he’s the Chief Executive. The David Gill comparison is a good one. You can’t have everyone going out of the building who has that knowledge of the club, and then start again with a new coach and a new chief executive.”


Personally, I was surprised to see a senior journalist say what Burt said.

Even though I agree with him 100%.

Do you agree with Jason Burt?

Gazidis/Ramsey/N’Zonzi/Kante offered 290k.More than Hazard?