Jens Lehmann got goose bubbles before his final game

From Marc : Jens Lehmann

Where is the Jens Lehmann video you talk about…..can we view it?

When Jens was in goal for Arsenal, I adored him…he was fiery, committed, commanding and a yes a bit nuts (isn’t that the cliche prerequisite expected from all keepers) and he loves Winston Churchill and reading all about his tactical brain.

At the same time he was our Number One, I was working for an utter plonker of a boss who, very annoyingly, was also an Arsenal fan who thought Lehmann was a buffoon and wanted him replaced.

He thought Wenger was crazy back then for buying him.

I was not afraid to tell my boss he did not know what he was talking about. I also knew this was the final nail in the coffin and started to look for employment elsewhere. I’m talking massive dick head who treated everyone and anyone badly.

Anyway, one of my favourite memories of Jens was his interview on Sky at the end of the season, at the end of the final game to be played at Highbury.

He was asked how it felt to play Highbury and he said it always gave him ‘goose bubbles’ – that was it for me…..Legend! You have to try and find this footage hearing a German accent say ‘it gives me…..goose bubbles’.

Thought I would share that with you, as it’s better than me bleating on about how depressing it feels (yet again) to watch the team you love get humiliated (again) and knocked out the CL before March (again) and knowing you have to wait a whole year (should we win the coveted 4th place trophy…again) to get to this humiliation point of the season (again).

Is it just me or do other Gooners feel like someone has just driven over their nuts with a combine harvester whenever Arsenal get knocked out of the CL?

Then I ask myself: would Arsenal fans prefer to be able to compete in the dreaded Europa League and have to play every Thursday against teams you have never heard of from countries you never knew still existed with the chance of possibly being drawn against Spurs at some stage, and then (god forbid) lose to them in Europe (no one has and no one will get over losing to Chelsea in Europe).

Or should we not grumble and just stick to CL mid-week humiliations?

Myles says:

No fan should accept such humiliations indefinitely.

Grumbling won’t do it !


Do you really want to see Ozil again? Giroud?

Arsenal need footballers with bottle and  a  much younger coach

28th February 2015