Kante 1 Red Devils 0 : Chelsea will win the league well before Wembley

Chelsea can do the League & Cup Double now.

I’ve now watched the whole 94 minute video.

Not like me to go out on a Monday night and miss a big match live.

Book Slam at the Wellcome Trust was rather scientific and different last night. Compere-poet Salena Godden held a varied evening together very skilfully. Quite a long evening but Jan really enjoyed it and said, “I like it when you take me out.” Most girls say the same.

Let’s face it, Manchester United never looked like winning.at Chelsea.

Not before the game or during.

Without Zlatan, his suspended main man, Jose Mourinho decided to spoil and kick and sulk.

By getting sent off, the spiky Ander Herrera lost the quarter-final.

And allowed N’Golo Kante to win it.

On a yellow card, Herrera made a stupid foul on Eden Hazard and got a second yellow from ref Michael Oliver while he was still angry about the first . The lad is a serial kicker, a recidivist, a repeat offender./

With 10 men, United had no chance against Chelsea.

Mourinho had moved Phil Jones into midfield to mark Hazard and United started at a high tempo, pressing and provoking

Willian had started, not Pedro, and that was a good call because the Brazilian is a busy ball-keeper who can cross and shoot as well as link and dribble.

David Luiz is a tremendous athlete in the role that Conte has given him in a back three.

When Cahill fed a ball up to Hazard, the Belgian killed a very firm pass instantly and spurted beyond Smalling and went into the box and skipped past Rojo as if he wasn’t there, then fired a fierce shot that deflected off Darmian’s inside leg and bounced and David De Gea made a terrific save.

Then, after a Willian corner, Cahill had a bouncing shot very well saved.

Herrera’s body check on Hazard earned him a yellow card.

Rashford controlled a megapass on the right but his cross went low to Courtois.

While United were hustling them, Chelsea proved to be good at protecting the ball in most situations.

When Phil Jones fouled Hazard, Oliver gave him a final warning.

Then Herrera made a lunge to kick Hazard and it was so late it was almost an afterthought.

We didn’t see the foul in real time because the director was showing close-ups after play had re-started. A vision-mixer has to play to the whistle!

When Herrera was sent off, Mourinho stupidly took off experienced playmaker-scorer Henrikh Mkhitaryan and brought on Fellaini, a big bruiser.

Fellaini, a destructive player, was never gonna help United to score in the hour that remained and even  if it went to extra-time they would lose for sure.

In 45, Pogba did well to win a left wing corner off Kante.

BBC pundit Phil Neville said that Mourinho would be telling the United players to get a Chelsea player sent off!!!!!

Frank Lampard said that in tense and fractious game of fightball, Jose is in his element.

Looking fresh and confident after the break, Chelsea made 16 passes and then Kante fired a 25-yard shot past David De Gea, who had just skipped the other way at exactly the wrong moment.

16 passes and bang!

One nil to Chelsea after 51 minutes.

Not much of note after that, really.

Even before the red card it looked like a one-goal game.

When Willian gave the ball to Kante, he got it back and fired a curling shot just over the bar.

In 65, Rashford turned Cahill inside out but Courtois made a very good save with his foot.

In 74, Willian’s excellent low cross just eluded Costa.

I think Rojo is in the wrong sport. He should be a cage-fighter.

Kante’s verdict was : “A very beautiful win.”

Chelsea, the superior team, were in better shape.

They didn’t go to Rostov last Thursday night.

Rostov is not in Europe but it is in the Europa Cup. But that’s cool. Swansea’s never been in England but it’s in the English Premier League.

PS.  Bookslam is here