Kenny Dalglish/Charlie Nicholas/Kevin Keegan & Sir John Hall

From Michael Budgen:

Dear Rhys and Myles:

‘Do I care whether people agree with me? Not a bit.’

He doth protest too much, methinks !!!
But I disagree with you, so I’m ignorant, and yet you call other people arrogant, hmmmmmmmmmm.



Liverpool signed King Kenny, a footballer, we signed Prince Charlie, a playboy.
And I think you’ve sadly both missed the point, ie. ‘so pardon me if I don’t get sucked into all this Kloppmania just yet.’

Would the Geordie Nation have taken a little less excitement for a League Trophy under Wor Kev ?

Remember, there was talk from the so called ‘paid experts’ that Klopp’s job was under threat in November. The major frustration in football for me now is the black or white swingometer, there is no room for nuance, but ultimately it’s a results business, not a romance game.

I don’t recall the fraction of the budget argument coming from members of this Parish when Wenger was finishing 4th, so why should it apply to others?

But Spurs are currently punching well above their weight, Liverpool are about where they should be. My biggest worry for us is that Unai will be such a good coach he’ll emulate Wenger to the point that he’ll make the club money, but won’t win the silverware Wenger did.

So keep smiling & let’s see what tomorrow brings !
Kind Regards

Myles says:

It might bring nuance, Michael.

The Geordie Nation, as I recall, was a vivid fantasy promoted by Sir John Hall – and thousands of punters bought into that, including me.

I found it quite easy to envisage a million Newcastle supporters in club shirts dancing and singing along the Tyne, led by King Kevin. So Newcastle never won the league? That was disappointing, yes. But it was fun, it was highly entertaining and the team played some fantastic football with Alan Shearer and Les Ferdinand, and with the elastic Tino Asprilla. Who today can do the spectacular things that Asprilla used to do?

Charlie Nicholas was smart enough to realise that he could not and should not try to follow Dalglish at Anfield.

Are Spurs punching well above their weight?
Or above their budget?
Pochettino has signed a five-year contract and that would be very bad news for Arsenal if Wenger was still in charge.

I’m smiling too.

Football is always about the next game. And, sometimes, about the next manager. But since Emery’s first 10 fixtures have not been published yet, we don’t have to worry about him yet.