Kewell goal was handball !

By Myles Palmer


Arsenal 2 Leeds 3


DIRTY DIEGO MARADONA would have loved the first goal.

A 50-yard lofted pass by Jason Wilcox and a deft right-handed handball, knocking the ball neatly into his stride on the left side, then smashing his shot across Seaman on the second bounce.

It’s a tough handball to spot, but still amazing that Keown did not appeal.

The behind-goal camera catches the craftiness and dexterity of this Hand of Harry classic.

Harradona diverted the ball, with his right hand, just a yard to his left, so that the ball bounced in front of his stronger left foot.


It’s halfpast midnight and I could write 100 pages about this game.

But I’m gonna go to bed instead.

The first Leeds goal was handball.

The second Leeds goal could have been given as a free-kick the other way, since Kewell backed into Ashley Cole.

Harte’s free-kick deflected in off Cole AND Gilberto.

And the third goal by Viduka was offside.

But Pennant gave the ball away so stupidly.

At 2-2 Pennant ignored an obvious pass to Bergkamp ten yards away.

He tried to be clever, lost the ball to Matteo, and Arsenal were split by another long ball, this time to a striker in an offside position.

Viduka turned Luzhny inside out and placed his shot well beyond Seaman, into the far corner.

This has been coming ever since I wrote that headline: VIEIRA’S FACE REALLY WORRIED ME.

PV4 played half an hour against Man Utd with his knee strapped up.

Then Patrick went off and the title challenge went with him.

A million other things I could say.

Maybe on Monday.

Or Tuesday.

5th May 2003