Khedira is on Sanchez-Ozil level and will sign later this month

I’m excited by this one.

Sami Khedira is 27 and two-footed.

If Arsenal sign Khedira from Real Madrid he’d be a huge asset.

He reads the game very well. He\’s solid and brainy and versatile, a guy who can win it and give it and head it and run with it. He\’s two-footed and smooth and gives an impression of cushioned power.

At his best, Khedira is a Rolls Royce team player who plugs a lot of holes up and down the whole pitch.

Unlike a lot of Wenger signings over the years, this lad\’s not learning the game.

He\’s been at Real Madrid for four seasons and played in two World Cups.

In theory, he’s in his prime.



But it might take 3 more weeks to happen.

Then Arteta will be sold.

5th August 2014