King Arsene knows Arsenal’s future is Josh Kroenke and Ivan Gazidis

He’s done many fantastic things.

Wenger has created thrilling teams who could play power football, take titles from Manchester United., just as George Graham took them from Liverpool.

None of that was easy in 1986 when George arrived from Millwall.

The job had become much harder by 1996, when Arsene Who? arrived from Nagoya Grampus Eight, replacing Bruce Rioch.

The French professor was an educated leader who changed a lot and achieved wonderful victories, helped hugely by the finest back five in Europe, which he inherited.

King Arsene made bold moves, as a good monarch should. He improved their nutrition and training, challenged Bergkamp to become more productive, used modern ideas from outside football, proved he was the most imaginative spindoctor football had ever seen

But Wenger now knows his glory years are behind him.

He missed the chance to go out in style after beating champions Chelsea in the FA Cup Final.

He is 68 and admits, “My age is my age”

Let’s be realistic here. No 58-year-old manager has the energy he had at 48, and no 58-year-old will expect to do as much ten years later.

Stan Kroenke bought Arsenal FC because it was for sale, because it was undervalued, because TV money always goes up, and because his son Josh liked football and wanted to work in the game.

Now he has that.

We are toid that Josh will stay in London for the next three months and conduct a thorough review of what’s working at Arsenal and what isn’t.  We wish him luck with that project

His father, the absentee owner, knows Arsenal’s costs and revenue streams, nothing else.

Kroenke has turned down offers for the club that have not been in the public domain. I knew about two of those. There may have been five others for all we know.

And Kroenke Senior has backed a failing manager for one simple reason: his sports model in profitable mediocrity. None of his teams win anything.

For too many years Arsenal has been a club where the owner from allows the “manager” to  do what he likes.

That is changing  now and we’ve realised that Ivan Gazidis has always been playing a long game.

And I heard a month ago that Josh wants Wenger out.

PS. Man City losing 1-0 at Wigan in the FA Cup is bad news for Arsenal.

In Sunday’s Carabao Cup Final they’ll be catching Citeh on the rebound.