Kroenke/Wenger show has made supporters irrelevant. So I left

From Ian Macpherson


Thanks, I do appreciate a forthright opinion!
Can’t disagree, it is hard to think of a more disinterested owner than Kroenke, and one who seems to have zero understanding of the sport he has invested in.
Which makes perfect sense, if you are more interested in malls than a social institution like our former football clubs.
What really flipped my lid was in the same week Wenger telling us how he, and apparently he alone, built Arsenal.
His offensive arrogance is astonishing, as if it wasn’t a very successful and iconic club before he came, and one which had recently won the title. No appreciation of what GG gifted him, or the history of the club. But now it is out in the open – it is the Kroenke/Wenger show, it’s their club, and everybody else is supposed to get down on their knees and be grateful.
I stopped going after the move to the Emirates – it had become a joyless, soulless experience. None of the people I knew from the North Bank, which was a lot, go any more. In the management’s eyes they were disposable, because their ‘spend-per-matchday’ figures (which are pored over inside the club) weren’t high enough anyway.
Bollocks to the idea that you have to support a club until you die. i haven’t changed, but Arsenal are a shell of the old club, a marketing facade who use the name and the colours,  a franchise of a corporate mall and property group.
I loved your observation that as clubs and players get richer, they will need younger players.
There is a torpor around many of the highly paid players, who have lost any motivation or ambition, so coddled are they.
City, United, Chelsea and Arsenal are all suffering from the over-valuation of over-hyped players.
Which is why everybody is so glad to see Leicester, West Ham, Palace, Stoke and Spurs giving them some stick. Long may it last.


Myles says:

His arrogance did not surprise me.

To think that is one thing, to say it in private is risky.

To tell the media that I built this club alone is ridiculous hubris.


But he would never admit that.

Because Arsene Wenger never owns up.

He prefers to warn us to be careful what we wish for.

Clearly, Alex Ferguson was NOT bigger than Manchester United.

But your supine old board allowed Lord Wenger to accumulate far more power than Sir Alex ever had.

Arsenal’s so-called “manager” made himself bigger than the club.

Such an accumulation of power is impossible at Bayern Munich or Juventus or  Ajax or PSG, but in Europe’s greatest City, King Wenger still rules.

But when Arsenal fans are fighting each other during games, it’s over. Has to be.

The reign is over now.

He’s very angry because he’s near the end now and he’s at last begun to realise it.