Late Son strike beats Manchester City after Aguero penalty miss

Spurs 1 Manchester City 0
Son 78
Did you think it was a penalty?

Raheem Sterling fires a fierce angled shot and Danny Rose turns his face away, the ball hits Rose’s elbow and goes out, and City prepare to take a corner.

The City players do not appeal for a penalty. Raheem, closest to the incident, doesn’t appeal either.

But it goes to VAR and Danish ref Bjorn Kuipers was told to look at it and Kuipers then gave a ridiculous penalty.

But Aguero placed a feeble shot low to the keeper’s left and Hugo Lloris read it and saved it.

Sergio Aguero had missed a penalty 12 minutes into a Champions League quarter-final

24 hours ago I thought Spurs could contain City and I knew they had a chance of winning as soon as I saw Pep’s starting eleven.

Tottenham showed tremendous resilience, Alderweireld was superb and Vertonghen almost as good.

Like Unai Emery at Everton, Pep Guardiola picked the wrong team and lost 1-0.

Watching this match you might have wondered: Have Man City really won 22 of their last 23 games?

Harry Kane went off with a serious-looking ankle after tackling Delph. He could miss the rest of the season

I’m a huge Son fan because he is so versatile, so determined, so competitive, so accomplished at scoring from many angles and positions.

But I didn’t reckon he was going to score at the near post. I thought he’d blown it. Son just managed to keep the ball in play with his right foot but I thought Ederson’s body or boot would block an effort from close range.

Then the  South Korean samurai smashed a left foot shot into the back of the net for the only goal of the game.

I’m writing this from memory as we were watching the game at friend’s house and I didn’t make any notes. We didn’t switch over once to the Liverpool-Porto game but saw the Keita and Firmino goals at half-time.

Second leg at the Etihad?

Pep’s rich boys will have to be 200% better than this to knock Spurs out now.

Reader Michael Budgen comments:

Morning Myles,

On a technical ‘keepers’ note, the reason Ederson missed that was he assumed the shot was going across him, he therefore planted his weight on his right foot to dive that way, when the shot came straight at him, his right foot was ‘marooned’ with all his weight on it, he couldn’t then use it to stop the ball, so he tried to get his hands down.

However, travelling up is quicker than traveling down, hence slip fielders in cricket start with their hands on their knees. He also takes half a step backwards, rather than a step forward, which again unbalances him.

Very poor keeping. De Gea would have saved that !