Let’s admit how good Monaco were

From Ian M: shambles

Another humiliation for the Great Pretender.

This has become a routine part of every season now.

But apart from the wailing and gnashing of teeth about Arsenal, it shouldn’t be overlooked how good Monaco were.

I thought Moutino was outstanding, putting all of Ozil’s supposed skills into the shade.

The Monaco manager Leonardo Jardim summed it up in a nutshell, “Arsenal have excellent individuals, but this is a team sport and we were able to render them harmless.”

Wenger, if had any humility, might ponder on that.

His fantasy is apparently to collect many such individuals, the majority attacking midfielders, without having the faintest idea of how to deploy them in a team.

He appears now to have a surplus of players which has confused his choices even more, making the team look as clueless as he is. Losing the ball regularly, demonstrating no conviction that they know what their role or position is, they looked like eager untrained schoolboys.

In contrast, Monaco played not only with great discipline in defence, but looked far more comfortable with the ball and possession than Arsenal ever did.

Granted Arsenal left them gaping holes to exploit, but their speed, movement and ability was great to watch, they could have scored more.

So in answer to all the acolytes who whine that there is no-one to replace Wenger, I can now think of three managers who would be much more convincing – Klopp, Simeone and Jardim.

But, as Amy Lawrence pointed out, because we have a board and owner who are not football people, there is no-one at the club who can see that, or have the courage to make that kind of decision.

So, more of the same, for the foreseeable future.

Alexis, don’t waste your talents here. Fabregas saw the light and got out.

Myles says:

Jardim is 40, similar age to Pochettino.

Chant with me, “We want Jardim!We want Jardim!”

27th February 2015