Liverpool,Spurs and Man City show firepower in Champions League

Porto 0 Liverpool 5

Basel 0 Man City 4

Real Madrid 3 PSG 1

Juventus 2 Spurs 2

At some point Man City will play a Champions League club who can give them a game.

Basel were denied an early penalty but then got thrashed.

With Sadio Mane returning to his most explosive form, Liverpool blew Porto away. Biggest away victory by an English club in the Champions League knock-out stages.

Klopperpool have a lot of firepower.

Juventus -Spurs was a compelling match. I loved it.

When I was watching Real Madrid v PSG at a friend’s house on Wednesday night, we were talking a lot, mostly about the game, and I wasn’t taking notes.

Nice to see the athletic Adrien Rabiot showing what a skilful midfielder he can be.

When Dani Alves crossed, Cavani dummied, the ball reached Neymar, and I thought he allowed the ball glance off his calf deliberately, so that it broke for Rabiot to score in fine style.

It was poised at 1-1 for a long time but as the game went on I became less convinced by PSG. And I knew the ref would favour Real.

Then the classy Asensio came on and made two goals. His first cross went in off Ronaldo’s knee and his second was knocked in by the buccaneering Marcelo for 3-1.

Frankly, Paris Saint-Germain are pretenders. I wasn’t impressed by Neymar, who lacks authority. He was flaky, like a kid.

By contrast Real Madrid have been there and done it for decades.

A savvy side, very rugged competitors who know they are hated. Sergio Ramos wins the tackles that matter and the headers that matter. Partnering him was Varane, a stylish athlete who makes the game look easy.

After losing 3-1, I don’t think PSG have the character to turn this tie round. The owners probably realise that you can buy skill, you can buy power, but you can’t give a team experience. You learn the Champions League over five years, compete for the next five, then pray that you can reach a semi-final

On their budget, PSG are underachieving while other clubs, like Tottenham, are overachieving.

I wish I liked the Round of 16 more. It’s impatience. I can’t wait to see the best teams play each other

Still, Juventus 2 Spurs 2 was a fabulous game.

Reminded me of 2001 and Arsene Wenger’s first win against the big boys.

That was one of the finest Arsenal performances I’ve ever seen