Looks like Sky Sports has decided Arsene Wenger is finished

The tone of Gary Neville’s co-commentary was different at Anfield.

It wasn’t like anything we’ve heard from him before.

It always looked as if Liverpool would score and Firmino headed in after 17 minutes.

Gary Neville said, “This midfield for Arsenal are absolutely shocking in the first 25 minutes.”

He said, “Three or four of the Arsenal players want to leave? Who’s going to buy them?”

Even at 1-0 down, Arsenal’s incompetence was surreal.

After five quick passes, Sadio Mane fired his shot into the corner for 2-0 five minutes before half-time.

Neville said, “Quite possibly the most disappointing Arsenal you could possibly wish to see.”

Now shocked and furious, GNev added,  “I’d stick most of them on the transfer list. Not many of them would get better clubs than where they’re at.”

When Bellerin, the last man, took a second touch, Mo Salah took the ball off him and raced towards the Arsenal box and slotted neatly for 3-0 in 57.

One of the most ridiculously amateurish goals Arsenal have ever conceded.

When Salah fired in a perfect cross in 77, sub Daniel Sturridge headed in for 4-0 and GNev’s observation was, “Arsenal have players who don’t run back when the ball goes past them.”

FINAL SCORE: Liverpool 4 Arsenal 0

Jamie Carragher said, “There has to be a change. Last season I called the board cowards.”

Thierry Henry : “That was unbelievable. I wanted to leave.”

Graeme Souness said, “You turned your seat round, didn’t you?”

Souness also said, “That was a performance that gets the manager the sack. That was wishy-washy, zero spirit.”

On Match Of The Day, Danny Murphy said, “I haven’t seen an Arsenal performance as bad as this in a long, long time.”

Martin Keown showed Oxlade and Ramsey both looking at the bench during a Liverpool breakaway : “Oxlade Chamberlain is not looking at the game! Really, that is so unprofessional. I couldn’t believe what I was watching.”

Keown said Arsenal had no balance in their team .

On Sky the following day, Ian Wright was talking about Wenger.

He said, “Watching him now is like watching Muhammad Ali against Larry Holmes. you’re watching Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest ever, getting beat up. It was horrible, it was uncomfortable.This is what’s happening with Arsene Wenger. He’s got nobody to throw the towel in for him.”

Eddie Howe and Bournemouth will see tomorrow’s game at the Emirates as an opportunity.

If the game kicks off with thousands of empty seats, and Bournemouth score first, the atmosphere will get toxic very quickly.

Wenger, a delusional snob, has been rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic for years and years and he’s near the end now.

His games against Bayern Munich were a farce & his transfer window an even bigger farce.

Chelsea could beat Arsenal 6-0 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday week.