CORRECTED: Lucas Torreira is already a key player for Arsenal

From Andy Pinker

Hey Myles,

I thought I’d wait a while this season before emailing you.
Anyway, without sounding like a “know all” ,I watched Virgil VD at Celtic and thought he was a player.

Also watched Harry Maguire at Hull, and even though he was slow, he brought the ball out with confidence. Apparently Pep told his strikers to target him when he first signed for Leicester.

I’ll never say “ I told you so “ to any of my pals who thought I was mad digging Wenger out soon after 2006.

I said we’d never win another trophy under him. We won 3 more FA cups eventually and I admitted I’d been wrong. Should have said major trophies.

What a difference Lucas Torreira has made. We started to play when he came on for Elneny .

I’ve got loads of respect for Souness on Sky. He said that Torreira’s very small, and went on to say how he’d have loved to play against him. For me, apart from the 2 strikers, he’s easily our most important player. Another Kante in the making if he keeps it up.

AI couldn’t be happier now, and as the other fella said, if we buy Chilwell and HM from Leicester, we would win the league.

As people have written, do you think the young Kroenke has talked his Dad into the “ trophies mean money” way of thinking? Let’s hope so.

Myles says:

N’Golo Kante is a one-off, Andy.

He is the fastest and steeliest ball-winner in football, the best balanced and most consistent. The reason I always describe him as a one-man army is that I can’t think of a better three-word description of one  of the greatest warrior-technicians we’ve ever seen in British football. 

Stan Kroenke? I wish you’d been with me at that AGM. If you’d been in that room and seen him in “action”, you would not hold that view.

But way back in 2009 I got Stan totally wrong when I wrote :

It’s Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal now and that’s excellent news