Mahrez with Lacazette would give Arsenal attack a new axis

We read today that Alexis Sanchez is demanding £400,000 a week.

Lacazette will be on £200,000 a week.

I hope Lacazette is that good or that he will quickly become that good.

Sanchez is twice as valuable as Lacazette, and a proven Premier League/international gladiator who should never be playing in the Europa League.

He may be demanding 400K because he knows Arsenal will never pay that.

Leicester’s Riyad Mahrez is a dribbling playmaker who can score goals and find his striker with pinpoint crosses and longer passes.

He’s been playing in a defensive team that scored a lot of breakaway goals through Jamie Vardy and he won the title in 2016 and he’s also had some Champions League experience.

I can see Mahrez and Lacazette forming a good partnership.

And the team would not be so dependent on Ozil. If he’s hiding, Jens Lehman may want to yank him off.

But enough of this guesswork.

The season starts on August 12th and Alvaro Morata could be playing centre forward for Manchester United on that day.

Or he might not. We can’t be sure because United have only offered £60m for the Real striker.

The only thing I can be sure of is that ANR will not be providing 35 days of speculative pieces like this  one.