Man City’s historic treble: Kompany/De Bruyne/Sterling/multi-pass style

Did you enjoy seeing Watford thrashed 6-0 in the FA Cup Final?

A 6-0 massacre is never good. City monopolised possession and played every forcefully so the result was never in doubt and both teams soon knew that.

Can Pep Guardiola do this again?

Maybe but not in 2020. He will want the Champions League more than ever and will focus on that.

Does Pep’s style of play excite you?

Not really but multi-pass works because his players are so skilful and so motivated.Their patterns are intensively rehearsed, so that multiple chances are created inside the box and the six-yard box.

But 2018-19 has been a historic season?

Yes. Having won the Charity Shield, Man City then won a 38-game battle with Liverpool by one point and during that campaign that they won the League Cup and then they faced Watford at Wembley in May and won 6-0. Bernardo and Sterling have been fantastic all season.

Will Vincent Kompany be hugely missed?

Of course! He’s irreplaceable as a leader/captain/hero. With 11 years at Citeh and 360 appearances, Vince is a colossus of 21st century football. I hope he does well at back at Anderlecht, his first club.

The other Belgian was voted Man of the Match?

I was delighted that Kevin De Bruyne got that after suffering five injuries in one season.

How could KDB be Man of the Match when he only played half an hour?

Because he had 51 touches in 30 minutes and all of it was Kevin Class, which is one level above World Class.

It was only 2-0 at half-time and De Bruyne came on and scored the third with exemplary composure and then his pass released Gabriel Jesus for a one-on-one and Jesus slotted for 4-0 and the TV director picked out a City star from the Sixties sitting in the stand and Mrs Palmer said, “I saw you, Mike Summerbee, as you came past Broomhurst. We stood and waved!”

Surely 6-0 in an unhealthy score in an FA Cup Final?

Of course. Nobody likes to see a slaughter. But I knew Watford had no chance and backed Man City/Over 2.5 goals, just before the kick-off. I thought it might be 3-0 or 4-1.

Why do we have to wait two weeks to see Liverpool v Tottenham in Madrid?

I wish I knew the answer to that question! But we have Arsenal v Chelsea coming up in the Europa League Final before that.

Will you preview that game?

If I have any thoughts, yes.

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