Manchester City,Chelsea and Liverpool level at top after 7 games

The top clubs are on 20 points as we go into the October international break.

Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool.

During the Southampton-Chelsea game I had two 2 bets-in-play on Eden Hazard Anytime and Chelsea next goal.

And Hazard’s goal in 30 minutes won both bets.

Love it when that happens!

Liverpool v Man City, a 4.30 kick-off, looked too close to call.

On the eve of Jurgen Klopp’s third anniversary,  as the first half went on, I could not see Liverpool scoring.

Klopperpool last season were a fierce momentum machine who scored and stopped you playing and scored again. Then they finished you off.


Mane and Salah and Firmino are far below last season.

After 25 minutes it looks as if City will get on top after half-time and win 1-0 so I  had a bet on Pep’s boys to win.

The commentary by Martin Tyler, Jamie Carragher and Gary Neville turned out to be more interesting than the match.

The boys made some good points.

Carra thinks David Silva’s new role, playing just behind Aguero, is a crafty switch by Pep.

In terms of their contrasting styles, Gary said that it’s less obvious when City are tired because their style is more composed.

In the long-term, Gary suggested that “Bernardo Silva can replace David Silva.”

In 85, Virgil Van Dijk brought down Sane in the box and a penalty was given.

Mahrez pushed away Jesus, who had come on for Aguero.

He says: “I’m taking this!”
Mylez said : “Miss and we’ll sell you back to Leicester!”

Mahrez then blasts the penalty over the crossbar and the much-hyped Super Sunday Big Match finishes 0-0.

Fulham 1 Arsenal 5 is Unai Emery’s ninth consecutive victory