Margolis compares Arsenal’s Lacazette to Harry Kane

I’ve been thinking about Lacazette’s style.

Can I define it? Can I compare him to another goalscorer we all know?

Is he like Vardy or Wrighty? No.

Is he like Shearer or Fowler? Not at all.

Is Lacazette like Anelka or TH14?

Like them, he’s French but in style he’s nothing like either.

Is he like Didier Drogba? Not remotely. Drogba was a power player who made explosive interventions that won games and finals.

On Monday I saw a line on My Twitter Notifications.

It was from the perceptive David Margolis & it rang a bell.

What David said resonated: His comfort in finishing with both feet and finding angles and accuracy similar to Harry Kane, stand out.

I read that and thought “Yes!”

Although Harry Kane is a power player who could have played in any era, he’s also an inventive technician who invariably finds a way of hitting his shot on target.

Lacazette, a smaller man, makes chances with his intuitive movement.

That’s my thought for this morning, before I run out to do leg clams in the sky and other pilates postures with the Blonde Angel : Lacazette is a more nimble Kane.

You might agree with David.

Or you might disagree with him now… and then agree by the end of September.