Memo to Oxlade: Now give us 10 performances like that!

Almost everything about the Community Shield game was forgettable.

But Oxy was very good on Sunday.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain gave a very accomplished all-round performance.

He was mobile, assured and fluent in the best 90-minute game I’ve ever seen him play. He was beating people, getting his passes in, carrying the game to Chelsea, not losing the ball, looking more confident than he’s ever done.

Now I want him to do it again. And again after that.

Up till now I’ve believed Oxy was flaky, thick and unreliable.

But if he can play 10 of the next 15 games at that level, Oxlade can be a good footballer.

For the last four days I’ve been wondering why he produced such a mature display.

This morning I twigged it: he was further up the pecking order.

No Sanchez or Ozil. No Koscielny. Giroud not starting?

He realised this was his moment – and he seized it.

Now Oxy has a chance to play like that against Leicester.

PS. I missed a good comment by Petr Cech about the penalty shoot-out.

Last night I was talking to my old flatmate John Mair, with whom I used to go to Highbury & White Hart Lane. John’s daughter Kirsty, a Gooner, had told him what the keeper had said about the Thibaut Courtois penalty kick that flew yards over the crossbar.

Cech said, “I knew where he was gonna put it.”