Mesut Ozil will stay but Jack Wilshere won’t be offered a new contract

That’s what I heard on Monday.

Why do I believe Jack will go?

Well, when he went on loan to Bournemouth I told friends that he’d never play for Arsenal again. Then the midfielder came back and he has played. But not very much.

Wilshere is a better instinctive footballer than Granit Xhaka will ever be. While Xhaka starts most games, Wilshere carries too much baggage.

His first appearance was at home to Cologne when Arsenal won 3-1.

He came on for Iwobi just after Sanchez had given Arsenal a 2-1 lead. Even by Europa League standards, Cologne are a pisspoor outfit.

Jack started against Doncaster AND played the whole game when Arsenal’s kids won 1-0.

On Sunday at Southampton, Wilshere came on late for Xhaka when Arsenal were losing 1-0 and Giroud, another sub, eventually earned an important point with a late header.

In other words, Wilshere is peripheral, a player Wenger doesn’t trust to start league games.

Mesut Ozil played his best football at Real Madrid and won the World Cup with Germany in 2014.

Yes, he’s a playmaker who can score goals. And he has a unique skill-set.

But Arsenal had no offers for Ozil in the summer.

Is a serious top-16 Champions League club now going to sign Ozil? Another year down the line? The signs are that he can’t find a better club than Arsenal.

If Germany win the World Cup in Russia, Ozil might be high profile in the summer and could get a move that way. With no transfer fee involved, he could be offered a lucrative contract elsewhere.

But, as I say, we’ve heard that he’s staying at Arsenal.

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