Miami Gooner hopes Arsenal lose 12 of next 15 games

From Andy Pinker :

I’m convinced that this season will be the one when Wenger falls.

Sanchez won’t play like he can…..Ozil never gives a shit anyway.

Ramsey seems to think he’s above playing for Arsenal.

Wenger somehow bought Lucas Perez and Mustafi at the death last season…..why ?? If we believe that Wenger still watches football 24/7, then why are those two now not wanted ?

I think I know the answer: Wenger is on such a massive power trip, that he is caught playing volleyball in Brazil, refereeing a charity match, or meeting the Pope ( when we bought Danny Welbeck ). He knows nothing about the young stars these days, he pisses all over the Arsenal fans, and yet still gets up in front of the cameras to blame every single defeat, on anyone, anything but him.

What a nasty old narcissistic, greedy piece of shit he has become.

I hope and pray that we lose the next 12 games out of the next 15, and I believe we might .

Regards, Miami.

Myles says:

Wenger’s spin was always better than his coaching.

Kieran Gibbs on his new boss Tony Pulis at West Brom?

Today we learn that Gibbsy’s  “always been impressed by him and how he goes about his work. He’s different to what I’ve had before and I feel he can develop me in certain areas I may be need work on. He can help me progress.”