Next Arsenal manager can win the title with these players. Really?

From Andy Pinker:

Hey Myles,

Just seen Wenger on Sky News saying that the new Arsenal boss can win the League with these players next season!

Then Jose Mourinho  slagging off most of the United team beaten tonight.

So another boss in the Premier League insists it’s NEVER his fault.

Let’s see how long JM lasts next season.

Myles says:

Mourinho will never be the right manager for Man United, Andy.

My disconnect from Arsenal deepened on Saturday morning when I read The Times headline: ‘My successor must devote his life to Arsenal’

SHUT UP! Stop this self-serving garbage now.

Arsenal made Wenger world famous and Arsenal gave him the chance to modernise English football. He should now take his command of the narrative to another country.  It’s time to go and time to let go.

He’s a multi-talented man who has been very well paid for his great work. His successes were unique and exciting .

Failures like Paris 2006 were also exciting because his team was playing well enough to beat Barcelona 3-1 when Jens Lehmann was sent off.

But Wenger should now shut up. A man with real class would not tell Arsenal they are doing wrong for the next 15 years.

It’s very unhip for a football manager to keep telling us how great he is. And it is entirely inappropriate to tell the next Arsenal manager how he should operate.

Wenger now adds insult to injury by suggesting that this unbalanced group of over-rated players can win the Premier League next season.

Rubbish! If those players were as good as he says, he would still be in the job.

Part of his considerable legacy is 22 years of European failure. What’s the French for recidivist?