No Monchi/Chelsea flicks/ sophisticated Wolves KO Man Utd

Arsenal didn’t play this weekend.

And they didn’t get Monchi, who returned to Sevilla.

I’m dismayed because I thought Emery & Monchi at Arsenal would be the greatest double act since Morecambe & Wise, and the maybe the most productive since Lennon & McCartney

Liverpool won 2-1 at Fulham to stay top.

My team of the season is newly-promoted Wolves and I was thrilled when knocked Manchester United out of the FA Cup

Wolves v Man United was the BBC’s big game at 8pm on Saturday night and I hoped Wolves would win and backed BTS. I was lucky toi win that bet because United didn’t look like scoring.

The match was a masterclass in counter-attacking football from Nuno and his evolving team.

In 54 United keeper Romero made a one-handed reflex save to divert a fine header by Raul Jimenez and we had to wait till 70 for the first goal of the game. Moutinho showed immense class as he dribbled in from the left flank towards a swarm of red shirts.When he eased between three of them Smalling was attract across and the midfielder’s pass then found Jimenez as Lindelof arrived to cover the danger.

Jimenez was a quite near the penalty spot when he was tackled and the ball spun backwards and the striker now had six red shirts between him and the goalkeeper and was 15 yards out and facing away from the goal.

The main thing is that he knows he’s central and the goal is 24 feet wide. Awkward as the situation is, it could, be only chance he will have. So when the ball deflects up onto his chest he turns very sharply and shoots right-footed and the ball bounces just inside the post.

The lesson here for strikers is: If a match has gone 70 minutes without a goal, stay in the middle of the penalty area. If the ball comes, you’ll have a bigger target to aim at.

Wolves had worked hard for that goal and deserved it. The club won the FA Cup in 1960 but have not been in the Final since then.

In a slick breakaway in 76 the other striker Diego Jota blasted a left-foot screamer into the net for 2-0. That goal was Robbie Fowler strike and there is no higher praise than that.

Solskjaer made late changes, bringing on Mata for Matic, McTominay for Lingard and Rashford scored in 90+5 when it was too late to matter.

Nuno is a sophisticated coach who sticks to his style and believes in his boys.

He’s only used 19 players in the Premier League this season and Wolves are still seventh in the table.

In the league, Chelsea outclassed Everton in the first 20 with classy pass-and-move but it was 0-0 at half-time.

In 39, the ballsy Richarlison headed his 13th of the season after a rebound. I think he’ll score a lot more. Unlike some Brazilians, he suits English football.

When Everton won a penalty, Kepa saved but Sigurdsson slotted the loose ball to wrap it up the points in 79.

Columnist Tony Cascarino says Chelsea have become a team of too many flicks.Very true. They don’t cross the ball enough.

Chelsea’s best player was Ross Barkley, against his old club.

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