Old Trafford, Emirates big tourist destinations.And we have Nick Hornby

From Alex Blohm: the end of globalisation?

Jim O’Neill on Radio 4  is worth a listen for many reasons, one being the segment on the Indonesian fans flying into Manchester for the United/Spurs game.

 “The foreign club owners seem to care more about them than about the life-long supporters 200 yards away…”


Myles says :

Thanks, Alex. BBC Radio is still very good!

If you can’t play more games, you can always increase profits by selling more merchandise..

When Alan Sugar sacked Edward Freeman from Spurs, he went to Old Trafford and revolutionised replica shirt sales into a global mega-business.

Posses of foreigners used to pour into Highbury on Saturdays especially the Dutch and Swedes who came to see Dennis, Marc and Freddie. 

One Saturday a bunch of foreigners got off the tube at Highbury and came up to ground level alongside me and I realised they were Israelis.

I recognised the Hebrew from when I used to watch Sky games with a Liverpool supporter who lived in St Johns Wood with his wife and small kids. Sometimes his pals came round if there was a particularly big game. Most of the guys were in property or tech and they spoke to each other in Hebrew.

This was before I got Sky.

So on this particular Saturday, as I arrived at Highbury, I saw that, as we hit the street to walk round to Avenell Road, the youngest of these five or six guys, a skinny kid who looked about 18, detached himself from their group and ran back to ask me a question.

It was a really surprising question and I didn’t know the answer.

He said, ” Where is Nick Hornby’s house?”