Ozil wants to stay another 3 years? That’s terrible news!

Latest from Ozil’s agent?

He wants to play Premier League football for another 2-3 years.

That’s catastrophic news.

Ozil doesn’t turn up in big games. That is why Real Madrid sold him.

The German is gutted that Arsenal had no offers for him in the summer.


TRUTH : Wenger drops Ozil because he knows that Arsenal can’t carry him against the best Premier League teams.

But the logic of this scenario seems to be: If you’re losing Sanchez, you can’t afford to lose Ozil as well.

Even if that makes sense, a well-run club should never be in this position.

Arsenal’s recruitment is a shambles, a carnival of incompetence.

Wenger’s bloated squad is crammed with players that Arsenal supporters never want to see again.

Ten minutes ago I was all set to preview the Watford game, which kicks off at 5.30 on Saturday.

But blogging’s always been a mood thing with me – I have to be in the right mood to do it.

Ten minutes ago I was in the right mood.