Pep Guardiola almost came to replace Wenger

From Huseyin Faik:

I was told recently that just before Wenger signed his previous 2 year deal, Guardiola had agreed to replace him.

Arteta was heavily involved and Henry, Ljungberg, Dick Law and Jonker all party to it.

Wenger changed his mind and went on to tell Henry he could not work with the kids whilst on Sky, and of course Mikel, Freddie and Jonker all moved on.

Myles says:

How tragic is that?

I’d love to see what a coach as demanding as Pep could do to revive the sleeping giant of N5.

If King Wenger was a great man he would have insisted that Guardiola succeeded him and promised to leave the club and not interfere.While also saying: “If you need to talk about anything, or anyone, call me.”

A big man would have done that.


Long ago France abolished monarchy with the guillotine.
But in 1996 a French technocrat arrived in London from Tokyo.
David Dein helped his friend a lot but Dein was booted out by the dying Danny Fiszman.

There was an executive vacuum at the club and from 2004 onwards the board never called Wenger’s bluff. They were terrified he might leave, so they gave him more power than any football manager has ever had in the UK. They made him the King of Arsenal.

So Wenger runs everything and retains an iron grip on every decision.

And Ivan Gazidis didn’t resign! I still can’t believe Ivan didn’t resign this summer.

We all know what the great “manager” thinks, although he’ll never say it.

He thinks: I am the club.