Pep Guardiola might be a better manager somewhere else

Pep always said he would not be there long.

He took the Barcelona job four years ago and knew it would be intense.

He’s always fancied a break. But people didn’t believe him.

People said: How could Guardiola leave Messi, how could he leave his club? He grew up there, he played there, he was captain, he coached the reserve team! Why would he leave the best team in the world? A team that has something no other club has or ever will have?

Pep’s a classy guy, although not perfect.

No manager is perfect and most are bitter, twisted little men.

Pep Guardiola is 41 and could do great things elsewhere.

He might be even better somewhere else.

More objective, less emotionally involved.

Right now, Pep needs some time to think, time to rest, time away from the grinding, exhausting demands of players, fans, directors and media.

He won’t be short of offers.

Graham Hunter was on Sky Sports News this morning.

Graham said   Pep has aged 10 years in four.

And that Pep’s personal burn-out is only part of the story.

It’s a collective burn-out as well: When you man-manage with the intensity Pep thinks is necessary, it’s impossible to maintain that level year after year. Pep doesn’t think the squad can absorb his intense demands on each player, year after year, indefinitely. He thinks that’s impossoible.

But his demanding style has worked : three La Liga titles, two Champions leagues, 12 trophies in total, an amazing 175 games won out of 242, with only 21 games lost.

That’s incredible! A win percentage of 72 !!

72% of matches won !

Graham Hunter said Pep will tell the players his plans at 9 a.m and then train and do a news conference later today.

Graham would not be surprised if Guardiola took a new job now.

Rob Hughes is with Interpol, Fighting to Keep World Sports a Fair Game.