Pitiful BBCtv coverage of World Cup/ Right Time Jack/ Xhaka Surprise

From arsenalfcJames

Can we please have a commentator that is not full of negativity!!

GUY MOWBRAY was a disgrace & even after scoring the winner suggesting Tunisia will feel hard done to after 90 mins of basically fouling/cheating tactics by them.

The game won despite the referee & the VAR officials disgraceful failure to penalise blatant penalty fouls.

The poor finishing though in the first half prevented us having an easy win.

The BBC Presenter/Commentator/Pundit team is so flawed.

The hellish seemingly eternal presence of the uncharismatic & unfunny Lineker is excruciating.  Insult to injury is the scandalous millions of licence payers cash he trousers.

Absurdly, Alan Shearer is paid double what the Dr Who actor is paid.

I don’t even like Dr Who but that pay disparity is ridiculous in comparison to a ‘wooden’ dullard of a pundit.

Phil Neville has been hysterically demented during this World Cup.

Vicki Sparks commentary voice is atrocious, a constant sharp bark that is uncomfortable to listen to.

She also has NO natural delivery with her goal/major incident descriptions sounding very falsely manufactured.

It is yet another example of the simpering liberal BBC indulging hysterics rather than find the best voice & delivery.

Alex Scott has not been a bad pundit though is a bit too shouty & over eager.

Jack Wilshere leaving Arsenal at the expiry of his contract is correct for both the club & player.

Arsenal need to move forward without sentiment. There have been too many long term injury players that have as a result provided fleeting glimpses of undoubted ability with Wilshere following the likes of Diaby & Rosicky.

For Wilshere a fresh start at a club where he can be the focal point can be beneficial for him as that possibility at Arsenal has passed by.

Whilst the offering of a contract extension at this moment to Xhaka was surprising, it may be that to date under Wenger he was a victim of the ‘Arshavin Syndrome’ of persistently being played out of position by Wenger. He is NOT a base defensive midfielder. Perhaps he will thrive under Emery.

It doesn’t make sense that a player so highly rated whilst playing in the Bundesliga has been more often disappointing in the Arsenal shirt.

The recruitment of Leno, Lichsteiner, Sokratis (to be announced July 1st) & looking likely Torreira is, as Wrighty says,  ‘a good sign though of course time will tell’.

The intent at least appears to be to at last resolve the defensive softness that has continued on & on against the top sides when Arsenal encounter them.

Myles says:

No mention of the vicious Mark Lawrenson?