Platinum fans abandon Arsenal in droves

From QuartzGooner:

Hi Myles,

Glenn Dalton?

Nigel Feng is right, and here is one more reason why.

Glenn Dalton wrote that we needed perspective, that there was no crisis.

Nigel Feng wrote in to point out that Arsenal fans are footing the bill for Arsenal’s lack of success.

True, but there is more to it than that.

Arsenal season tickets are divided into three categories : Gold members in the upper and lower tiers, Platinum members in Club Level and the executive Boxes, and Diamond members in the Diamond Club.

Arsenal ticket prices have risen over the last seven seasons, but our football quality has declined.

Not only have prices risen, but Ivan Gazidis made a great show of telling the fans how those prices have either been frozen for season ticket holders, or have been reduced for certain games for club members (Red and Silver members).

That is a half-truth. Season ticket prices continue to rise for Platinum members.

There is a misconception that Club Level is all corporate jollies and tourists, but plenty of long-term regular fans sit there too, albeit the wealthier ones.

Ever wondered why so many empty seats of late in Club Level? Now you know. The club insults the fans with price rises which are spun into price reductions.

Platinum fans are giving up their season tickets. The fans are losing affection for the club.