Pochettino’s Spurs are a more continental George Graham team

And Harry Kane is a more prolific Alan Smith.

I know Christian Eriksen doesn’t drink as much as Paul Merson but he has many of the same creative attributes and he scores as regularly as well.

Dembele is Paul Davis with muscles, Dele Alli is a power player like Micky Thomas.

Spurs play with the passion George admires, and  have good organisation, which George worked very hard to instil in those Tony Adams-skippered teams

The best Graham teams created plenty of goalmouth action while giving little away.That formula allowed him to win two league titles, the European Cup Winners Cup, the FA Cup and two League Cups in his eight seasons as Arsenal manager.

When he arrived from Millwall in 1986 his daunting task was to bring the club close to Liverpool, who were the dominant club in England.

He soon closed that gap by beating Liverpool 2-1 in the Littlewoods Cup Final in 1987 and two years down the road he won the  title at Anfield on the last day of the season.

Pochettino’s approach reminds me of George’s because of his ability to organise desire and to deploy younger squad players when his team has injuries.

Today’s Tottenham are a hard-working side who have an immense appetite.They win the ball and attack at high speed, and if they lose it they often win it back quickly. So they are an energy team, a momentum team.

Clearly, this is a very different era to the Eighties. Pochettino does not just have to worry about Liverpool. He’s trying to compete in an over-hyped mega- money league where some managers have much bigger budgets. Manchester City are super-rich and United are the biggest club in the world, while Liverpool can now spend £75m on centreback Virgil Van Dijk.

On top of all that, Spurs are building a very expensive new stadium.

Arriving at White Hart Lane in May 2014, Pochettino began a highly challenging project.

We know that chairman Daniel Levy sometimes comes round to the manager’s house on Sundays so they can make plans privately without reference to anyone else. Without anybody knowing they have even met, let alone what they were talking about

Playing at such a high tempo, Spurs can overwhelm opponents, as when they blitzed Real Madrid and won 3-1. Zidane’s European champions could not handle the speed of their passing.

However, their dynamic style has one flaw: it creates too many half-chances, too many volleys and headers where Kane or Alli are stretching and can’t quite control the header or shot. So the way they play is a little bit hit-and-miss.They can dominate opponents but sometimes they’re playing so fast they can’t be as precise as they would be if they slowed down a little.

On Saturday, Harry Kane could easily have scored more than the 49th-minute goal that won it. And Petr Cech made a couple of good saves. Yes, Arsenal might have snatched a point. But the contest wasn’t close.

Arsenal will not overtake Spurs now because their midfield is shabby. Mesut Ozil was invisible at Wembley, and if I said Mkhitaryan was peripheral I’d be exaggerating. We all know that Ozil doesn’t do it in big games. But King Wenger has mismanaged his squad so much that the club was obliged to give the German maestro a new contract on £350,000 a week to stop him leaving on a free transfer this summer.

On a weekend where Manchester United were beaten 1-0 at Newcastle, and while Liverpool cruised to a 2-0 victory at Southampton, Pochettino’s previous club, he will settle for three points and a position seven points above Arsenal

Juventus v Tottenham is in Turin on Tuesday.

Win or lose, Pochettino, 45, will be managing Spurs for a good while yet. He knows he’s taken on a difficult project with many challenges ahead.

He’s up for it and he will extend his contract.