Pochettino’s Spurs have done well so far. But the future is challenging

From Nigel Keng:

A lot to admire in the Spurs team, their play and their manager.

A few years ago when Poch had been at Southampton for less than a year I wrote to you and noted how he had very quickly turned a relegation-threatened team to one challenging for a place in Europe and also said I thought he was a potential Wenger replacement, given his ability to work on a budget but also get his team playing good football.

However, given the nature of the league now I don’t see him being a successful manager for Spurs. By successful I mean they won’t win a trophy. To compete with the big spenders is tough. And it will become tougher in the next 2 years following their stadium move. It will become tougher still when they lose their star players to the big spenders. It’s only a matter of time before Kane goes.His salary hike last year already looks like a joke.

And Poch would take finishing 2nd or 3rd in the EPL over a cup run any day, so they won’t be winning any trophies soon.

Even if he signs a new contract, at some point one of the big Spanish clubs will come in for him which, as an Argentinian, he will jump at. He might only last a year or two there but that’s the nature of Spanish football and who in their right mind would turn down the chance to manage Madrid or Barca over a team with no money?

Myles says:

We don’t know the future, Nigel.

Let’s not assume the future will be like the past.

We don’t even know if Spurs will win or lose in Turin tonight.

While it’s true that Kane and Alli are now part of super-agent Jorge Mendes’s stable, both are still young guys who are enjoying have a crack at Real Madrid and Juventus, the two teams who contested last year’s Champions League Final.

And their manager is only 45. What’s the rush?

I’m fairly sure that Pochettino told the Spurs players that Turin will be a tougher game than the 1-1 draw they earned in Madrid.

Juve striker Paulo Dybala is super-skilful. He’s a flicky player who can score goals that other players can’t. To see Dybala twice against Spurs will tell me how good he really is. And that’s why we love to see clubs from different countries play each other.

Some people, including Wenger, over-rate the standard of the French League.

And maybe Serie A is over-rated as well.

Two games between Juventus and Spurs will tell us things we don’t know. Bring it on!

PS: Just saw that Dybala is not playing tonight.