Post-Brexit transfer restrictions could hinder Arsenal

Some European media are saying that the post-Brexit ban on signing players under 18 will affect clubs like Arsenal signing teenage stars for the academies and youth teams.

Hector Bellerin is being used as an example of what can no longer happen.

Predictions are that Premier League clubs will look closer at the academies of teams further down the football league.

In a post-Brexit agreement between the government and football authorities (FA, Premier League and English Football League) Premier league clubs can only sign three overseas players in a transfer window and no more than six per season from January 2021.

The Governing Body Endorsement proposal was submitted to the Government last month and it has now been approved by the Home Office.

Points for potential signings will be awarded for senior and youth international appearances, club appearances and the standing of the selling club. Players will then receive a “governing body endorsement” approving their signing for an English club.

One top European official was quoted as saying footballers with ongoing court cases, like Messi and Neymar, could be refused access to the UK after Brexit and that European matches could be held elsewhere in a worst-case scenario.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters put a brave marketing face on it, as per his job description: “Continuing to be able to recruit the best players will see the Premier League remain competitive and compelling.

“The solution will complement our player development philosophy of the best foreign talent alongside the best homegrown players.”

Speaking before the Rapid Vienna game, on potential transfers Mikel Arteta said: “We haven’t had any goals from midfield, it’s not something that happened this year. It happened in other years and is something that has to be addressed. To change the qualities and characteristics of players is very, very difficult. So again, it’s necessary. A big team needs players in midfield who score goals. They need central defenders that score goals from set-pieces to add to that. If you start to lose those margins, you start to lose points, you start to be away from the top teams, this is not any science.

“We are planning, talking with Edu and with the club about the things we can do in January. But at the moment it’s pretty difficult, unpredictable as well in terms of places we are very restricted in the moment. We’ll see what happens, I think things will move in the market, we will be prepared, we will need to do something knowing the limitations of that market in January and the limitations we have as well to sign players.”