Power vacuum above Wenger is bigger problem than Sanchez tantrums

From Brendan:


Even the blindest Wenger supporter would have to concede that he has been given a lot of time to implement his ‘vision’ at Arsenal.

And I’m not one of them, and I see clearly the need for change at the top.

But like you I see the need for change ‘above’ Wenger.. in the weird power vacuum which exists at Arsenal above the level of manager.

That does not stop me from being mighty p***ed off at Sanchez and finding his carrying on extremely frustrating and destructive. I don’t think you can excuse it simply because of his ‘will to win’.

If anything, that makes his gestures, tantrums and so forth even worse. Knuckle down and do the job. And if you are definitely going to leave, plan for it and then act on the plan. Don’t further poison the puddle you’re already in.

Indeed, Sanchez’s tantrums etc are more evidence of the power vacuum above Wenger.

No-one knows what Arsenal is any more.

Is it competing with MU/MC/CH (and therefore paying appropriate wages)? or is it in the plucky second-tier group (LP/TH)?

The problems are structural.

Wenger is a symptom of that, not necessarily the cause. But then again of course that becomes obscured because the power vacuum above Wenger allows him to have so much power over the club.. so he is also a part of the cause – but not exclusively.

Myles says :

King Wenger is unique. Born to rule.

A tracksuit monarch who not accountable to his “employers”.

Wenger’s main objective in the last 10 years has been to keep the players loyal to him

He has control over wages AND transfers, so he would rather give a dud player a pay rise than replace him and admit he made a mistake

His squad is uncompetitive for many reasons but the biggest problem is that there is no shouting, no accountability. Sorry go on and on about the Colney Creche but that culture is the main problem

Don’t know what Arsenal is any more?

Still the biggest medium-sized football club in the world.