Premier League Q&A: Lacazette & Kolasinac/Coutinho/Danny Rose

Will the new boys play against Leicester tonight?

Yes and they are not kids : Lacazette is 26,Kolasinac 25.

Both are stepping up into a harder, more physical league.

The Bosnian was last Sunday’s hero and he could have another blinder tonight.

Football is still about players?

Absolutely. Kolasinac should become the best left back Arsenal have had since they stupidly let Ashley Cole go to Chelsea.  Tonight an in-form Oxlade will give Leicester plenty to think about. If Oxy combines well with Lacazette, great things will happen in August-September.

Does Sanchez have an abdominal strain?

Of course not. But I’ve got a thigh strain and Wenger’s got a credibility strain.

Jurgen Klopp says Coutinho is not for sale?

I like Klopp and have no reason to believe he would sell. But Coutinho might go to Barcelona next summer. He isn’t a power player like Neymar, he’s not superfast or a prolific goalscorer. But he’s very sharp and could join in a Barcelona  training session this morning and not look out of place.

Craig Bellamy said Coutinho will replace Iniesta, rather than Neymar. I had been thinking the same a few days before I saw him say that on Sky. Although Iniesta is irreplaceable: the best player never to win European Footballer of the Year.

So you’re really looking forward to the start of the season?

I’m up for it. I’m hungry for new disappointments. We all are.

Is Dele Alli is still your favourite Premier League player?

Very much so. He’s modern and super-dynamic. He makes a difference in vital games. Last season I backed him to score two goals against Chelsea. That was a crazy bet. But Dele scored two headers and Spurs won 2-0. In gambling, you have to know when to stick or twist. And I’m gonna stick on that one. I had never backed anybody to score two goals in a game before that day.

Has Danny Rose been greedy and disloyal this week?

Most footballers are very selfish but some don’t make it obvious. He is worth more than his current wages. How much was he paid for that toxic interview in The Sun? Yes, Rose was phenomenal last season till he got injured. He was half the team in some games. But he wouldn’t be as dynamic in another team with another manager. It’s the team allows him  to shine, gives him the ball when he wants it, where he wants it. That pattern, that fast-passing style, that degree of penetration, is the result of three years hard work on the training pitch. Newcastle v Spurs is on Sunday.