Raheem still improving/Bayern still hard to beat/Don McCullin still on

Raheem Sterling has improved so much.

Man City beat Schalke 3-2 last night after being 2-1 down.

Aguero scored early but Bentaleb,the former Spurs midfielder, replied with two penalties.

Then Leroy Sane made it 2-2 with a world class free-kick over the wall .

It was still  2-2 in the 90th minute in Gelsenkirchen when City hit Sterling with a big diagonal and the last man tried to shove him but fell over because Raheem had anticipated that shove. Raheem then had a one-on-one with the keeper and slotted sweetly to make it Schalke 2 Manchester City 3.

That supercool finish shows how much he’s matured. He always had speed, skill and guts in abundance. His final ball has improved a lot too.

He can play down the left, and through the middle, and win games with late goals from the right flank as well. That suits Pep Guardiola,who  likes to switch his players around between games and also during games.

Gareth Southgate will have enjoyed that winning goal as much as Guardiola did.

I needed an exciting game after the dull draw at Anfield on Tuesday night. Bayern Munich came for a 0-0 and got it.

On Wednesday morning I asked my pharmacist a question.

“Who was Liverpool’s best player last night?.”

“Jordan Henderson.”

I had backed BTS but should have known better.

Bayern wanted a 0-0 and got it.

But any score draw in Munich takes Liverpool onward and upward.

After watching the whole game, I still have had no idea what this Bayern team can or can’t  do.

But, as you know, Bayern Munich have a long history of successfully navigating two-legged battles like this one.

We went to the Don McCullin exhibition at Tate Britain on Wednesday.

When we got to Northern Ireland, Jan was behind me but knew what I thinking and said, “Do you want to go to the café and come back another day to see the rest of it?”

We had seen dramatic images of Finsbury Park, East London, alcoholics in Spitalfields 1970, a homeless man in Whitechapel. Berlin 1961 : East German soldiers digging a trench for the foundations of the Wall, a horse-drawn rubbish wagon with pneumatic rubber wheels, helmeted Yanks in jeeps at Checkpoint Charlie, scores of shocking shots in Biafra, Vietnam. The grenade thrower in Hue 1968 who was killed five minutes later.

If you go, make sure you see some of Don’s belongings, in a showcase in the middle of the room, easy to miss when you are looking at the walls. Six passports, a military helmet, the camera that was hit by a bullet.

It’s a huge exhibition and after a recent BBC4 doc it was rammed this week.

After cake and tea, we walked down Millbank towards Westminster tube.

“There’s the Shard,” said Jan.

“It looks smaller today.Why’s that?”

A cloud had shrouded the tip of the skyscraper.

Shard: The Shard London Bridge half hidden by low cloud