Reasons to be cheerful

Arsenal fans from other continents mean well. They are obviously passionate but they really do not understand British football. Everything is instant – there is no patience. It is like they are playing Championship Manager, writes Martin H.

Every Arsenal fan I know, lifelong fans have a patience, they like me are obviously frustrated at the time, when Arsenal somehow conspire to create their own downfall but then step back and see progress, the bigger picture for a better expression.

Wenger left the cupboard bare aside from a couple of decent players. The quality of the squad and the state of the defence was a dereliction of duty which eventually got him removed, and given his status it had to be really bad for that to happen, so his leaving is proof enough how poor a state he left the next man up.

The injuries to Holding and Bellerin really set back last season as the defence was settling. Once they went it was makeshift and given the fees in transfer windows and availability of players there was no quick fix. Manchester United being held ransom for McGuire proves that.

Emery was also left the Ramsey and Ozil situations from Wenger.

We said three years to turn around and I think we are on schedule. So much deadwood has been moved on. Some decent players have replaced them and the best of the youth have been been promoted and this time around they look like they have genuine substance – reminding me a little when the likes of Rocastle, Thomas, and Merson broke into the first team. Willock definitely seems to have a similar mentality and hunger. For odds – get the Coral offers on

Guendouzi is only 19 and arguably our best player He makes the occasional mistake, but is brave, does not hide and he just goes again. He is in a boy’s frame at the moment but the more he plays the more he will develop his game knowledge and when he does fill out, he is going to be a real force. by The media focus on his rawness and errors, but let’s see what they are saying about him at 23.

Emery is trying to make the team a better football team including passing from the back. If they do not try to be that now, when the talent does improve they will still be behind the rest. Best to put the foundations down now, for when the squad is eventually turned over and it is Emery team.

I thought the tactics at United were spot on, they were there for the taking, draw them on, and break on them at pace, the problem was that the teams not ready yet, the young kids and Pepe are still settling in, and there is still some flux in the defence and midfield.

But nice problems are coming, Holding, Bellerin, Chambers and Tierney are back in full contention, Tierney going to Left Back will transform that side of team. Kolasinac then adds to the midfield depth, on that side. Maitland Niles adds more depth to right side of midfield as Bellerin returns. Chambers adds more depth. Holding brings genuine depth to the Centre Half position. Lacazette returns soon. Looking at a younger, fitter and healthier squad and you can see a strong and solid team on the pitch and a deep bench.

Remember that Arsenal have already bought Saliba. He is likely to add to next season also in a key area, and in year three, it might just be a case of adding two real quality performers to see Arsenal challenging the present top two again

Ozil is done. You need players who work – even your most talented. De Bruyne is perfect example – huge talent, always puts in a shift. Mkhitaryan was shifted and Ozil is next. Will be surprised if he is at Arsenal after January.

The turnover of squad takes time, and I really do not think anyone understands how poor the situation was that Emery was left with and how hard a job it is. But I feel he has done a lot already and is having to suffer some pain in process, but definitely it is going in right direction, and has my full support.

Am quite excited for next season but also to see the team grow through rest of this one.

Also looking forward to seeing a truly best 11 out there with a strong bench. And that’s not far away.