Renew at Arsenal? Decent and legal are very different

Hi Myles,

From Nigel Keng :

I’m no lawyer but have done some law courses.

You can ask the “corporation” who the manager will be but they’re not obliged to answer…why would they be?

They don’t make promises about not selling star players (even when they insinuate they won’t e.g. you can’t lose Fabregas and Nasri and be considered a big club) so why would they tell you if they plan on sacking the manager or not and who’s on the shortlist to replace him?

And who do you ask the question to? An email to Gazidis? A phone call to the season tickets renewal team?

The reality is no one is forcing anyone to buy a season ticket but also there’s no legal obligation on the club to give information. Of course the decent thing to do is to give information to stakeholders (eg paying fans) but decent and legal are two different things. And of course as fans we are loyal but want to know these things before committing money.

The first thing I would say to John is a season ticket is not an investment. It’s an expense, it’s only an investment if you sell it for more than you pay for it.

The second thing I would say is if you don’t like the lack of information from the club or if you manage to get an answer from them then but don’t like it,  then don’t renew…its the only thing they’re likely to take notice of.