Rennes 3 Arsenal 1 : meltdown and humiliation in Brittany

By Dan Ferguson


When all is said and done, Arsenal should batter Rennes.

Let’s see what happens.

First half.

Rennes kick off and everyone runs around lots making mistakes all over the place.

Both teams lack composure in the first few minutes.

Iwobi works into a good position on the left and ambles to the edge of the box, crosses and scores on 3.

An amazing goal cross. Bravo.

Rennes are wobbly. They misplace a lot of passes.

Their fans are buzzing though. You can tell Arsenal is up for this. They are opening the flanks and the channels for waves of attacks. On 10 both teams still misplacing too many passes in panic.

On 12, a really well-worked move ended with a blistering side foot from Mkhitaryan and it should have been 2-0. Great parry by the keeper, but come on!”

On 13 Mustafi again shows us why he is worse than useless. The free kick comes to nothing, but he is at best a player of a bad West Ham standard. He needs to go.

On 16 they shoot, we attack from the goal kick, they attack, people kick each other.

Just calm down and play football!

Aubameyang has misplaced 3 passes in 1 minute.

On 20 Mustafi goes down again. He’s spent as much time lying down this half as he has running.

Ping, ping, ping. Sokratis is our best central defender by quite some margin.

On 30 it should be 3-0. Ball flies around the box very quickly. But it’s Mustafi who shoots wide.

On 31 Rennes want Arsenal to nick the ball off them. Arsenal continually oblige and then get pulled up for offside. Rennes will get punished soon if they keep playing that way.

The tv director is showing such absurd replays that it is hard to work out who did what. Sokratis appears to make a foul with his back whilst lying on the ground. Obviously that is as crazy as it reads and he got booked for it too. But the director shows us some jumping fans instead. I think I’ve cursed Sokratis.

Cech is having a wobbly end to the half with his kicking and distribution.

On 41 Sokratis gets sent off and Rennes score from the free kick. Bloody hell. Implosion. The Rennes goal was a beauty though. What a strike.

Arsenal will play with 10 men for 50 mins. Wenger days all over again. Best we can hope for is that Rennes get a man sent off too.

Emery will have to take Ozil or Iwobi off.

Aubameyang is having a stinker. Too many Arsenal players are playing within themselves. First half ends with Arsenal hating life.

Some home truths need to be said to this team. There are too many clowns in this squad.

Second half.

Arsenal now has to protect the away goal. That’s the best we can do. Maybe nick another but defence has to be the priority.
It doesn’t bode well.

Should be 2-1 to Rennes on 49. They are pulling Arsenal apart and Emery is doing his nut.

Why is Ozil still on the pitch when fast and hard runners are destroying us from the midfield?

Emery brings off Iwobi for Guendouzi. Ozil remains on the pitch.

This is a game riddled with errors. It makes for an exciting affair but Arsenal rarely win these.

Monreal is starting to be attacked repeatedly and isn’t coping. Rennes are constantly knocking on the door now. If only Arsenal could use Aubameyang’s speed. The space is there but Arsenal can’t find the ball.

Now Xhaka is booked for a silly foul on Ben Arfa. The keyboard warriors are going to have this club on toast tonight.

On 65 Rennes force the own goal we knew was coming.

Mustafi is filmed telling everyone to use their heads. Practice what you preach my man. Monreal lobs Cech with his hip. Arsenal are as bad as Rennes are lucky. This is every bit as bad as anything we’ve seen.

Should be 3-1 now. But it could be 2-2 if Arsenal could be bothered. In the week when Monreal is discussed as a possible purchase for Barcelona, he has a game like he’s drunk on Hackney Marshes in a Barcelona shirt.

Ozil replaced by Ramsey. I hope Juventus gives him the same level of rubbish next season. Speaking of rubbish…

The amount of debris being thrown at Xhaka while he waits to take a corner is bonkers. 75 gone and this game is still open. But that still doesn’t bode well because Arsenal is silly enough to go looking for an equaliser and leave huge space.

On 79 Kolasinac replaces Aubameyang. Obviously Emery wants it to remain 2-1. Ramsey’s pace plus no creativity left in midfield means game over offensively.

Another corner, more missiles. I’m sure The Sun and Daily Mail tomorrow will praise the Rennes fans for throwing stuff.

The problem with Guendouzi and Xhaka in games like this is they run around like they’re filming the opening credits of Baywatch. Is Torreira even playing?

On 88 Monreal loses the ball by the Rennes corner flag. This is goal written all over it. And it’s a goal. They break 5 on 4, no one at the back post and a super header.

Rennes are crap and we’ve made them look like world beaters. The whole team should have their salary docked.

Such a bad night. Tonked by an average team. A complete embarrassment. I’ve no idea what they were thinking but tactically this is the pits.

But that’s football and there is always another game.

 Arsenal Man United is on Sunday at 4.30 pm.