Richard Williams asks: Are you listening, Stan Kroenke of Arsenal?

I have to share this.

The first newspaper piece I read today was a sports column in The Guardian about club owners :

The Scottish striker Steve Archibald recalled the night in 1986 when he made his way to the dressing room in Juventus’s old Stadio Communale after scoring the decisive away goal for Terry Venables’ Barcelona in a European Cup quarter-final. “A door opened,” he said, “and out came a tall, elegant figure in a magnificent overcoat, with five or six people clearing a path for him. He stopped and offered me his hand and said (in English): ‘Good goal.’ That was Gianni Agnelli, just as elegant in his mentality.”

Mention of Steve Archibald brought back some memories.

I broke the story of Archie’s transfer to Barcelona.

That was the first scoop I ever sold to Fleet Street.

So I was quite naive about how it all worked.

I called Barry Flatman at The Daily Express and told him what was happening.

Myles:  “At what point does this become a story?”

Barry : “If he’s in Barcelona talking, it’s a story!”

Now read this fine column : Faceless, failing club  owners should heed Juve’s dynasty