Ronaldo is smarter nowadays AND he plays every game for Juventus

From Martin

Afternoon Myles,

Saw your comments on Ronaldo, and absolutely agree.

Anyone who focuses on just his image and makes an opinion on him as a footballer is contemptible.

As a footballer he is as good as we have seen in modern times, to retain the physical powers he has at 34 takes real hunger and determination.

You do not stay in that shape unless you completely commit to an athlete’s life when there are no cameras and it’s just pure hard work and dedication.

Read he has played all of the Juventus games this season, whereas Real Madrid used to save him for the Champions League and the bigger games.

He must have just accepted that and his level has not dropped and he has been equally effective in Serie A.

Yes, he has an arrogance but so what?

It’s what gives him is edge and personally have nothing but admiration for the man.

My most vivid memory of him was at Highbury in a Champions League game for Man United where he picked the ball up on the break and literally outran and outpowered the Arsenal defence to seal the game.

Even some diehards applauded around me and that was before he hit the heights we saw at Real.

He is smarter now too, the way he pulled off the back of the full back last night and just waited for the cross. As soon as that ball was in the air it was no contest, nobody hangs in the air and heads a ball with such command,

But the start of that move was why Morata left Chelsea,

Reason we love the Champions League?

It’s where the best players elevate their game to heights others cannot meet, imposing their will on these games and he did it again!

Myles says:

The greatest tennis player who ever lived is Roger Federer.

This footballer combines a phenomenal appetite with colossal technique and seems to beĀ  ageless.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the Roger Federer of football.