Rooney v Arsenal : he will be at centre forward

Wayne Rooney will play centre forward against Arsenal next week.

Rooney is in hot form now, really on his game

He’s much faster than Tevez, much more aggressive than Berbatov.

Sir Alex played Rooney in that role last night and Sol Campbell never got near him in the highlights I watched.

Man United beat Portsmouth 2-0 with goals by Rooney and Carrick.

I think that was a rehearsal for Man United v Arsenal at Old Trafford next week.

United should walk the title now. They are 1/7 with the bookies and play Spurs on Sunday and Sir Alex might rest Rooney in that game. If United are not winning, bring him on.

Cristiano was average against Portsmouth, having ceded the week to four-goal Arshavin. He’s saying, “I can’t compete with that. But watch me next week.”

    Pld Pts GD
1 Man United 32 74 +35
2 Liverpool 33 71 +38
3 Chelsea 33 68 +35
4 Arsenal 33 62 +26
5 Aston Villa  33  54  +6

So Arsenal have played a game more and are 12 points behind Man United.

On form, Arsenal are top with five wins and a draw in their last six, so they should crush Middlesbrough on Sunday.

The two Champions League games against United will show us where Arsenal are in 2009.When you see those games you won’t need me or Andy Gray to tell you what you think.

I went to a football match last night. After 40 minutes  of scrappy play a guy behind us shouted, “Come on, Chelsea! You’re better than this !”

Tim Cahill looked more like scoring than any of the Chelsea players.

Jagielka and Fellaini weren’t playing but Yobo and Lescott defended very strongly.

The best player on the pitch was Everton’s No.8, a lithe black guy who made some superb tackles on Anelka and Essien and used the ball very well. 

Castillo, 26, is from Ecuador and on loan from Red Star Belgrade.

Not much happened in the second half until Malouda broke away and got flattened by a forearm smash in the face from Yobo. Amazingly, no foul was given by Mark Halsey and the crowd went ballistic.

It was a siege at the end as Chelsea cranked up the pressure and Drogba spun away from Lescott for once and hit a rising shot against the bar.

The game was billed as an FA Cup Final rehearsal and from that point of view it was an interesting exercise for David Moyes. Last night showed me and him that the kind of football Chelsea play is the kind of football that honest Everton can deal with.

Moyes has nothing to lose on May 30.

I spent half of last night thinking about the Chelsea supporters. If I had time I’d write a book about them. From a sociological angle, they interest me. But that book would give me a problem. When it was published, my life would be in danger.