Round | Arteta’s press performance | ASA demands

Steve Round, part of Mikel Arteta’s backroom staff has good experience particularly in defence.

He worked in the England set-up under Steve Mclaren, Sam Allardyce at Newcastle, David Moyes at Everton and again at Manchester United, before becoming director of football at Aston Villa.

Sam Allardyce speaking on BT Sport, said of Round: “A great coach. Really good coach, Steve, very detailed, very organised. He likes to link in a lot with the analysts and the sports scientists and the nutritionists. So he can bring a lot to the table, take a lot of the pressure off Mikel Arteta. And obviously Mikel worked with him and must have been impressed with him in his coaching days Steve here with David Moyes at Everton.”

Arteta put in a competent and confident performance at his first Arsenal press conference as head coach:

“I feel back home. I’m extremely happy and proud to have been given the opportunity to be manager of this club.

“I’ve been preparing for a few years for this challenge to come. I know the expectations and stature of this club and what it deserves. I’m ready for the challenge and can’t wait to start working with the players. I’m sensing a good energy since coming in today. I’m so happy.

“It was strange [coming back]. I’m in a different role and position when I left a few years ago. “It was always a dream from the day I left. When I left I said I’m going outside, I’m going to learn and get prepared and hopefully one day I can come back here when I feel I am ready to make that step. I have so much respect for this club that if I didn’t feel ready and prepared I wouldn’t be sitting in this chair.”

He explained: “The first thing to do is change the energy. Last week I was here with Manchester City and I was a little down after the game.

“We have to try to engage everyone. We have to convince the players of what I want and how I want to do it. They have to accept a different way of thinking.I want to get all the staff with the same mindset. We have to build a culture to sustain the rest. After that we can talk about other things. We need to start winning games and raising the level of confidence of the players.

“Finally we need to engage the fans and transmit with our behaviours our intentions of what we want to bring. That’s the only way they’ll give us a little bit and we’ll feel that connection. We have to plug these things together. There is so much to do, I’m so excited.”

The Arsenal Supporters Alliance has released a statement for Arteta welcoming him but with some guidelines.

“Over the past few years it is clear that a lot of the club’s values and traditions have been cast aside, which has resulted in the current state of affairs. As such we believe now is an opportune time to reintroduce pride and class back to The Arsenal, which can be achieved by having club employees represent us in a right a proper way.

“We humbly submit some simple changes which can put us back on the right path:

“A genuine engagement with supporters.
“Captain to choose shirt sleeve length.
“Team arriving in suits and minus headphones.
“Applauding all sides of the stadium pre-match.
“All players acknowledging away support.

#RememberWhoYouAre #WeCareDoYou”

In other news, Spanish publication Estadio Deportivo reports Arteta is keen to make Sevilla teenager Antonio Zarzana his first signing.

In an interview Mauricio Pochettino released today, he said he would have been open to joining Arsenal. “When I say I am open, I am open to listen to any club.”

That’s irrelevant to Arsenal now.