Roy Hodgson never opened a Monaco bank account in his dog’s name

I’m delighted that Roy Hodgson is wanted by England.

He will be interviewed by the FA today.

He’s the only candidate who has been approached.

Having reported England at Wembley for The Scotsman all through Robson,Taylor, Venables, Hoddle and Keegan, from 1982 until the old Wembley closed, I can tell you that the tabloids chose Venables and Keegan.

The tabloid boys will be gutted by last night’s news.

Half the press box are West Ham fans from the East End, so they’ll be devastated by this news. And they’ll waste no time in putting the boot into Roy Hodgson.

Roy worked abroad and learned a lot while we were busy being backward.

He’s what we need. A sensible coach who knows the EPL and has managed Finland and Switzerland and Inter Milan

Sven had never managed a national team, Steve McClaren hadn’t, Fabio Capello hadn’t.

Sven and Fabio were tournament virgins.

In 1996, Terry Venables’s Engerland were outplayed by Switzerland at Wembley and we spent the second half making defensive substitutions to scramble a 1-1 draw.

Tel was a 1-1 kind of manager.

In his 23 games, he drew 11 and won 11. Mainly, he fed stories to his coterie of hacks.

I’m now quite happy to blog the tournament.

Roy Hodgson is right for England, right for me, right in the long term. He’s not a spiv.

My life is measured out in England managers and I’ll say this now on a glorious Monday morning: The England manager should never be a spiv.

Yes, OK, I know we ain’t very good.

Will we beat France without Rooney? No.

But that’s not the point.