Roy Keane was 100% right about Paul Pogba last night

Man United 0 Man City 2

Bernardo Silva 54 Leroy Sane 66


We came home 56 minutes into the game.

We’d been to a fantastic and moving sold-out talk at King’s Place by photographer Don McCullin and his BBC reporter friend Fergal Keane.

While we’d been out another Keane, Roy of Ireland, the Red Devils and  Sky Sports, had been on top form too.

But I misunderstood the clips I saw last night.

This morning the truth became clear.

Roy Keane said what he said before the game.

Asked about Paul Pogba’s pre-match interview, Keane said, ” I wouldn’t believe a word he says. No meaning behind it. I don’t even think he believed what he was saying there.”

Before kick-off Roy Keane also said, “These are the same players that threw Mourinho under the bus, and they will do exactly the same to Ole. Leopards don’t change their spots. There’s too many bluffers at this club to get United back to the very top.”

Personally, I think Pogba is flaky and unreliable and City fans will have loved seeing five foot seven Raheem Sterling outjumping Pogba for a 50-50 ball.

While Pogba can be a great match-winning gladiator he can also be garbage. And I don’t believe United can ever have a consistent team while he’s in it. I hope he goes to Real Madrid but doubt if they will sign him.

VERDICT: Manchester United have a rag-tag squad of misfits and the club badly needs a Sporting Director to plan their transfer windows 6-12 months in advance and spend wisely and unload half a forest of dead wood.

Last Sunday Solskjaer felt obliged to apologise to Manchester United fans at Goodison after Everton hammered them 4-0.
Keane was succinct : “Even the point where we’re talking about Man United trying to finish fourth tells you how the standards have dropped at United over the last few years – both on and off the pitch.”
Graeme Souness, less harsh than Keane, said, “The kindest word I can use is dozy.”
Tomorrow I can write about Arsenal/ Wolves/ Leicester.