Sanchez wants to play wherever he gets the most money/Lucas Perez

From Michael Budgen

Hello Myles,

Happy New Season ! Ha ha !

“And Alexis Sanchez, by far his best player, wants to leave”

He doesn’t ‘WANT’ to leave* he wants, or his agent in particular does, a massive pay rise.

Next year, he will play at the club that offers him the most wages, it’s not rocket science.

(*unless you are actually a mind reader, in which case don’t waste time on Sanchez, get started on Trump !!)

Kind Regards.

Myles says:

I follow football to make sure I don’t have time to follow Trump and Washington.

Frank Underwood would be a better president. Although Frank was a bit naughty when he pushed that young girl blogger in front of a moving subway train.

It’s not just the USA. All governments are corrupt and all politicians are liars,pretty much.

From Philip Brune : Lucas Perez’s No.9 shirt

Hey Myles,

Seems like he’s gotten a raw one.Whenever I saw him, he moved well, played direct, and tracked back well. And you could tell Alexis liked playing with him.

Giving the guy’s number away in the manner it was done was quite daft. That’s not the way to treat a professional, which is by the accounts I’ve seen what L. Perez is.

I have 5 predictions for 2017:

1) UEFA cup: out before final 16
2) Koscielny will hurt his achilles, which isn’t much of a prediction, in that it will occur so long as Koscielny continues to play football
3) Ramsey will have a garbage year
4) Xhaka will have a good year
5) Cazorla
Myles says :
Ramsey is one of a dozen very average footballers in Wenger’s bloated squad.
He loves to keep crocks, failures and deadwood on his payroll.