Saturday a moment of truth for both Arsenal and Chelsea

I’ve had a feeling for three days.

This derby looks like a moment of truth.

Can Aubameyang go past David Luiz and score?

Lacazette holds it up nicely, plays people in, and can bury a shot just inside the post.

But I doubt if this will be an exciting game.

It’s more likely to be a tight low-scoring draw.

Arsenal have firepower but can’t keep clean sheets because they never use the same eleven twice, let alone the same back five.

Chelsea are a decent outfit and pretty solid. They have Willian to hold the ball if they’re 1-0 up and Kante to win it if they’re 1-0 down.

In truth Willian is a continuity player these days, rather the goalmaker-scorer he once was.

This season Hazard has to score the goals as well as make them because Morata was a flop, so Chelsea now need more firepower.

I think Gonzalo Higuain, 31, is joining Sarri rather than Chelsea.
A Juventus player on loan to AC Milan, Higuain has played for Sarri before.

Last night I read an extraordinary interview with Don McCullin in Tate Etc.

I didn’t know that the legendary photojournalist, who covered so many wars and humanitarian catastrophes for The Sunday Times, had grown up in extreme poverty, among gangsters, in a basement flat in Finsbury Park.

His father died at 40 when he was 13.

McCullin is now 83 and lives in Devon but has not retired.

He admits, “I could have been killed in the wars. I used to run across those battlefields, zigzagging my way across the fields. I would think. ‘ I’m not going to let a sniper get me’ although one day a bullet hit my camera instead.”