Should Eden Hazard stay at Chelsea or move to Real Madrid?

Some days I wake up and think that Eden Hazard should stay at Chelsea and carry on improving under Maurizio Sarri.

On other days I wake up and think he could go to Real Madrid, a club backed by the Spanish government, the banks and the King, who allowed his daughter to go out with the club’s goalkeeper Iker Casillas.

Yes, Madrid is the capital of Spain but London is the capital of Europe and a lovely place to live if you have money.

I reckon Hazard should stay at Chelsea and play on the pitch once graced by legends like Jimmy Greaves, Peter Osgood, Alan Hudson and Gianfranco Zola.

The Chelsea star was quoted yesterday and it’s become the football story of the week.

Hazard said, “In my head, sometimes I wake up in the morning and think I want to go. Sometimes I think I want to stay. It is a hard decision.”

He joined Chelsea from Lille in 2012 and six years ago, in October 2012, when Roberto Di Matteo was coaching Chelsea, I was writing about Hazard and diving:

Di Matteo was talking yesterday about Eden Hazard, a talented dribbler who protects the ball very well until he gets into the box, then tumbles. Hazard teases a mistake out of his opponent, waits for contact, then falls over. That’s not the same as falling over without being touched.

Di Matteo sensibly said, “In England, you need to stay on your feet. I wouldn’t want officials to have a prejudice.” For me that’s exactly the point. If you’re playing in England, stay on your feet,

In bigger future games, a notorious diver’s reputation will cost him decisions.Fouls on him will go unpunished in must-win games and people will have no sympathy.

Hazard is 27 and has grown up now. He’s improved a lot. He scores more goals. And he doesn’t dive.

Late in this World Cup year Hazard is producing but he’s also started wondering.

My guess is he wouldn’t get as much respect in Spain.

Chelsea fans would miss him big time, London would miss him, the Premier League would miss him, Sky would certainly miss him, as would the BBC and other broadcasters.

Eden Hazard needed Antonio Conte to make him sparkle again